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“We ran the trial on three diesel trucks, one brand new, one about 4 years old and one about 7 years old. After just a two-week period, we had opacity reading reductions from 38% to over 70% on the test vehicles. That's when we decided to use Orion fleetwide.....”

DJ Shannahan
Sharp Water
Salisbury, MD & Dover, DE

Building Business-Aligned Sustainable Solutions

Our goal at Patriot Environmental, LLC is to become the leading provider of environmentally-friendly technology that reduces our customers operating expenses and provides the opportunity to defer capital expenditure. We accomplish this for our customers by applying technology that reduces their carbon footprint in sustainable, measurable, and most importantly, affordable ways:

“You can't manage what you can't measure.”

Our products and services are available for both commercial and residential applications.

We represent the following companies and technologies:

Orion Industrial, LLC

A North American manufacturer of synthetic lubricants formulated with ASET™ technologies for industrial and internal combustion engine applications.

Orion 5000-EL is an engine and fuel lubricant developed for medium and heavy-duty diesel engines to counteract the effects of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel for transportation and heavy equipment operators. Orion 5000-EL is also highly effective in any type of engine (farm/lawn equipment, marine, trucks, autos, race cars and more) and in any type of fuel: diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline.

USES® Mfg Inc.

Revolutionary Power Conditioning. USES®'s unique power conditioning abilities include: Total and Harmonic Content Current Reduction; Magnetic Field Reduction; RF Noise Reduction; Dynamic Power Factor Correction; and Surge and Spike Protection.

Savings USES® will provide savings by reducing Real Power demand (kW) and consumption (kWh), reducing life cycle maintenance, repair and replacement costs, and improving equipment reliability, all with an average return on investment from 6 to 36 months.

Environmentally Friendly USES® helps the environment. Each year a single commercial model CMES-3D unit, operating at 480 volts, can reduce up to 50,000 kWh and save 14 barrels of oil or 3 tons of coal and prevent 9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions!

RGF Environmental Group

Since 1985, RGF has maintained a steady flow of award winning, innovative pollution solutions. RGF has been awarded national recognition as a recipient of the Inc. / MCI Customer Service Award. RGF's technical staff consists of the following specialists: biological, mechanical, chemical, food, waste treatment, construction engineering, nuclear, fabrication, design and environmental law. Our CAD service provides fast, accurate designs.

We invite you to learn more about our technology under our “products” tab.

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